Eligibility for Services

You are eligible for services if you are currently enrolled as a student at the University of Oregon and pay incidental fees.  Students who were enrolled and paid incidental fees Fall, Winter and Spring Terms and are pre-registered and expected to be incidental fee paying students for the upcoming Fall Term, are eligible for services during the Summer Term even if they are not registered for summer classes.

You must present your student ID card at each consultation.  If you have a block on your registration information, you must bring a “confirmation of registration” form from the registrar’s office with you at the time of your appointment.

Office consultations are by appointment only.  In general we do not offer legal advice by phone for the initial consultation.  If you are unable to come to the office for an appointment please call for options.

If your issue involves a dispute with another UO student, the University of Oregon, or a professor, instructor or other employee or representative of the university, we cannot offer any advice about that problem due to program conflict policy.

You may obtain legal services independent of the ASUO Student Legal Services Program from any attorney of your choosing at your own  expense.