About Us

Three staff attorneys are available for advice and consultation.  Consultations are by appointment only.  While COVID-19 health restrictions continue we will serve UO students by remote and limited on-site appointments.  When you call for an appointment you will be scheduled to meet with a lawyer who handles the kind of problem you’re having.

All attorneys are bound by professional ethics including confidentiality.  An attorney must keep the confidences and secrets of the client.   So must any person who works with an attorney on a case.   Information about you or your case will not be released to any third party without your written authorization under any circumstances.  You should feel free to discuss your problem openly and candidly.

The attorney will represent each client’s interest zealously within ethical guidelines, and will exercise independent professional judgment in determining the merits of each case.

You may obtain legal services independent of the ASUO Student Legal Services Program from any attorney of your choosing at your own  expense.