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Moving in

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Learn what you need to know about moving into your new house or apartment in just 2 minutes!


The Essentials

Learn the essentials about renting with roommates in under 2 minutes.

Moving out

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Learn the most important things to do when moving out of your rental in 2 minutes.

Move in Checklist

To all student tenants renting off campus:

Download, complete and submit this move-in condition checklist to your off campus landlord:

1) if you did not receive a condition checklist from your landlord at move-in; or

2) in addition to any condition checklist you received from your landlord at move-in.

Make sure the condition(s) you report on checklists are consistent. For instance, if you report chips in the kitchen sink on a landlord-provided checklist you should also report chips in the kitchen sink on this checklist.

Take photos and videos of any pre-existing damage at move-in with a date/time stamp if possible. 

Create a photo album in your phone and save photos there for easy reference later.

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