Eligible students can get free legal advice regarding many kinds of problems. In addition to advice, services may include, in some circumstances, representation in the following types of cases:

✔ Landlord and Tenant disputes – check out our free Off-Campus Housing Move-In Checklist for student tenants

✔ Uncontested Family Law issues including divorce, separation, annulment, child support and parenting time

✔ Criminal and non-criminal offenses

✔ Traffic accidents resulting in personal injury and property damage

✔ Driver license and insurance problems

✔ Expungement of qualified arrest and conviction records

✔ Non-bankruptcy credit and debt issues

✔ Consumer

✔ Wills and Power of Attorney

✔ Employment including wage and hour issues

✔ Notary services

This is a general list of services. If your issue is not listed or you are not sure that the problem you are experiencing is something we can help with, please contact us anyway. Even if we cannot assist you directly we may be able to refer you to someone who can.

We do not offer advice or assistance in disputes with the university or any of its departments, offices or employees, or with another student based on our conflict policy.

You may obtain legal services independent of the ASUO Student Legal Services Program from any attorney of your choosing at your own expense.

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