Informative Videos

Alcohol-Related offenses

Stay Informed

Information about alcohol-related offenses and how to avoid citations.

Theft-related Offenses

Think Twice

Important info about penalties for shoplifting and other offenses involving theft.

Know Your Rights

Read here about your constitutional rights when stopped by police on foot or in your car, and what to do or say if police ask to enter your home or search your person, residence or vehicle. We’ve included tips about how to verbally exercise your rights if you’re contacted, detained or arrested. 

Party Rules

We all like to have fun, but it’s no fun to pay a big fine when the party’s over.  Read here about Eugene’s party laws. Take a deep dive into what makes a party an “unruly gathering”, what happens if your event attracts police, and where to go for help if you’re cited for hosting an “unruly” party.

Shoplifting Video Coming Soon...